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How to Propose to a Jewellery Designer

Proposing to a jewellery designer...the pressure, the pressure. Fortunately (and unfortunately) convention and tradition are no longer as important as they once were when it comes to buying an engagement ring. 

Grace in Geometry: Design duo Shimell & Madden

I met Emma Madden, fresh from a successful London Fashion Week (which resulted in prestigious concept store Dover Street Market declaring they would 'take it all') at their retailer The New Craftsmen to talk inspiration, building collections, and process.

Behind the Designs: Jewellery Designer Fernando Jorge

Kicking off our new feature ‘Behind the Designs’; a series of interviews with London independent jewellery designers in their studios, we speak to Brazilian jewellery designer Fernando Jorge.

Parisian Cool: New Jewellery Designer Charlotte Chesnais

After an illustrious career working as a stylist and designer in the world of high fashion (including Balenciaga, Kenzo and Maison Kitsuné), Parisian Charlotte Desnais has launched her own collection of jewellery under her own name.

Meet the Designer: Arabel Lebrusan

Having a strong design 'handwriting' as a jeweller is central to success in a saturated market of endless products and styles. When meeting new designers for engagement ring clients, I always make sure I can see their other designs and collections to get a real feel of their aesthetic and taste, and I use it as a guide to give me an understanding of how a potential bespoke engagement ring would look in their world.

Colour Pop: The Kaleidoscopic world of Hattie Rickards

Miniature masterpieces of colour and design, using bright, bold gemstones and smooth lines of 18k gold and platinum. Discover the kaleidoscopic world of jewellery designer Hattie Rickards.

Gem Cutting with Jean Noel Soni
Starting a Jewellery Business: 5 Things to Know

Starting a jewellery business in the current market is not easy, mainly due to the exceptional amount of competition making it extremely difficult to stand out, as well as painfully high metal prices stunting free-flowing ideas and concepts, compared to in, say, the 1960s. 

How to buy a Vintage Engagement Ring

So, how do you buy a vintage engagement ring? This is a dilemma I've witnessed in many of my friends recently who know they want an engagement ring that is more than a conventional diamond solitaire, with the weight and character that only an antique ring can bring. 

Collection of the Month: Helix by Shimell & Madden

The new Helix collection from Shimell & Madden is our engagement ring collection of the month. Previewed at London Fashion Week, the collection follows the typical geometric style by the design duo, with spiralling soft yellow gold lines interuppted by asymetrically placed round and oval white diamonds. 

The Best Off-The-Beaten-Track Jewellery Boutiques in London

The best places to buy jewellery in London are probably not the ones you’ve heard of. These under-the-radar independent jewellery boutiques are my secret weapons when it comes to buying jewellery for loved ones...

The 10 Best Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose gold...not just for princesses and hopeless romantics.

The Best 3-Stone Engagement Rings

The three-stone or multi-stone engagement ring is likely to soar in popularity after Prince Harry created a bespoke engagement ring for Meghan Mark

The Best Grey Diamond Rings to Buy Now

 Grey diamond engagement rings have soared in popularity over the past few years, with their more organic, natural look appealing to women who feel less pressure to bow to convention when it comes to choosing an engagement ring. Shop our pick of the best grey diamond ring to buy now.

How To Choose An Engagement Ring: A Jewellers Guide to the 4 Cs

From a traditional diamond soitaire diamond, to a colourful ruby ring, the options and trends when it comes to buying an engagement ring can feel o

Rings for Modern Lovers

At The Cut London HQ this week we've been asking ourselves some big questions about the jewellery we wear. Why do we like what we like?

Old to New: The beauty of recycling your diamonds

The question of ethics in jewellery is a big one.

Introducing Ready-to-Wear by Gee Woods

New year, new exciting jewellery design talent here at The Cut London.

The New Solitaire: Why Understated Luxe Is This Season's Engagement Ring Trend

The new diamond solitaire is all about understated luxe, minimalist styling, and clean silhouettes.

When 'alternative' bridal is the new mainstream.

I’m currently researching places that I might like to get married; browsing beautiful venues in parts of England that I’ve never been to or have an

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