Watch: The inspirations of Ruth Tomlinson

Making jewellery can be at once all-consuming, frantic, sweaty work, as well as a meditative, calming process. For jewellery designer Ruth Tomlinson, it seems to mainly be the latter. This beautiful film shows Ruth at work, revealing her creative processes and inspirations; from finding pieces of once molten metal in the sand on the beach, to sitting at the bench breathing life into her ideas. A sensitively made film allowing a behind-the-scenes glimpse into how a piece of jewellery comes to be…

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Parisian Cool: New Jewellery Designer Charlotte Chesnais

Gold bracelet by Charlotte Chesnais

After an illustrious career working as a stylist and designer in the world of high fashion (including Balenciaga, Kenzo and Maison Kitsuné), Parisian Charlotte Desnais has launched her own collection of jewellery under her own name.

Earring by Charlotte Chesnais

Sinewy, sculptural gold wraps itself around the wrists and ears, whilst at once remaining minimal in its feel whilst having a softness and sense of movement that allows it not to look too cold.

Rings by Charlotte Chesnais
Earring by Charlotte Chesnais

Bold silhouettes have interesting details such as mixed metals, simple added links and satisfyingly smooth lines. Totally Parisian in its execution; unfussy but stylish, minimal yet with a crafted, quality feel, this small collection it a perfect example of a fresh take on classic lines.

Bracelet by Charlotte Chesnais
Earrings by Charlotte Chesnais
Earring by Charlotte Chesnais
Ring by Charlotte Chesnais
Earring by Charlotte Chesnais

For more information on how to buy the pieces, visit Charlotte’s Instagram page.


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Cool Jewel: New Earrings By Tomasz Donocik

An electric new direction by top London based fine jeweller Tomasz Donocik, these earrings from the new Electric Nights collection are this week’s Cool Jewel.

Electric Nights Earrings by Tomasz Donocik

Featuring a neon-inspired palette of amethysts, tanzanites, iolites, sapphires and topaz baguettes, these convertible earrings (you can remove the long drops to create graphic ear cuffs) are top of our list.

We will soon be interviewing Tomasz as part of our ‘Behind the Designs’ series; sign up here to find out when the post is live…

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